Established in 1995, Landspeed Artists is a boutique agency known around the world for developing new ideas in the performing arts. We handle management and tour planning for a wide variety of performance disciplines, ranging from the solo instrumentalist to extravagant multi-media productions. The common thread tying our diverse roster together is the groundbreaking work of cordis, and their mission to explore new directions in the performing arts.

Katheryn Perrine joined Landspeed Artist Management in 1997, became a partner in 2000, and now serves as the Agency’s Director of Tour Planning. Katheryn’s veteran managing of routing and travel logistics make her work invaluable to artist’s and presenters alike – season after season. Her careful attention to detail serves to minimize travel and technical expenses for the presenter and to make sure each performance receives the most effective promotional materials for their market. Katheryn was born and raised on the North Side of Pittsburgh, graduated from Grove City College, and currently lives in Charleston, WV.

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Richard Grmes, Artistic Director of cordis and founder of Landspeed Artist Management, launched his solo career in 1995 after earning his Ph.D. from NYU in Composition. While living in New York City, Richard concurrently performed with the New York Philharmonic and served in an advisory capacity with the organization’s PR and Marketing teams. Although Richard’s performance career has evolved to consume most of his time, he remains active in Landspeed’s day-to-day business – ensuring a successful relationship between the artist, the agency, and the presenter.


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